About CanPars Immigration Services, Inc.

CanPars Immigration Services Inc. is an immigration consulting company founded by Mr. Ali Mokhtari in Montreal as a direct response to the increasing needs of prospective immigrants to trustworthy and legal sources of help in immigration matter. The onset of changes in Canadian immigration laws and the unfortunate increase of ghost agents who profited from the situation inspired Mr. Mokhtari, a designated lawyer in his country of origin(Member of Tehran Bar Association), to establish CanPars and offer his expertise and help to people who intended to legally immigrate to Canada.

Tapping into his knowledge as a McGill University graduate in Law and Ph.D Candidate at the University of Montreal, years of experience as a lawyer in his home country and his expertise as an Immigration Consultant with ICCRC, Mr. Mokhtari set the mission of CanPars as providing help and legal advice to his clients so they not only enter their new home but also settle successfully in there. 

In the past five years, CanPars has organically grown into de facto standard in immigration services for prospective immigrants. In addition to its headquarter in Montreal, CanPars has multiple permanent offices in the Middle East with over 30 experienced and educated legal staffs who have all passed the mandatory CanPars training program and are up to date with immigration laws of Canada.

Over the course of its existence, CanPars is proud to have provided its services to hundreds of cases in Federal and Quebec Skilled Workers categories as well as a considerable number of cases in Quebec Investor Programs.

Since CanPars mission does not end with the acceptance of permanent residence application, it has been offering extra services to bring the knowledge and clarity to our clients so they know what to expect and how to integrate in Canadian society and economy. Consequently, CanPars has been offering year-around seminars in a multitude of subjects, such as:

  • Introduction to Canadian education systems in all level
  • Overview of medical graduate perspectives in Canadian medical system
  • Overview of and perspective of education and work for certified nurses
  • Overview of Job Market in Canada and how to find a job

These seminars have been amongst the strongest features of our portfolios as witnessed by our clients. CanPars has also been providing after landing services to its clients from setting up bank accounts to housing and job search.

CanPars also publishes a well established bimonthly magazine in Persian language, Parnian Magazine, being distributed amongst all Persian Speaking Communities in four Canadian major cities of Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. You may visit Parnian Magazine Website here.  

One of the strengths of CanPars remains to be its unique and comprehensive web site which is more than a front end to the company. As the main goal of CanPars remains to be transparency, it has been providing an increasing number of informing articles on our web site dealing with all aspects of immigrations matters.  It also provides visitors with information about different jobs in Canada. CanPars knowledgeable staffs have been working hard to bring the most up to date and relevant information and answers to our clients’ questions and as a witness to its success, it suffices to say that www.ParsCanada.com web site has had an exceptional success amongst Persian speaking communities around the world. It receives up to 15000 hits a day as the first Persian Language site in immigration domain in the world.

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